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Impression for March

Exercise for Country Loving - Short-trumpeted woman seeks man who sends clear messages

Translate the following sentences or sentence chunks into Hungarian. 1. I miss my late husband most for the small things he did, like making me a beautiful blue post box. Soon after it went up, a robin took possession of it and all that spring, while we waited for the chicks to...


Short-trumpeted woman seeks man who sends clear messages (from CL 2017)

image 1.


Exercise for Full of Pioneering Spirit

Full of Pioneering Spirit (from CL July 2014)For questions 1-10 read the text below. Use the root of the words given with the relevant number toform a word that fits the space. 1. MAKE A HOLIDAY -2. SUIT-3. TRAIN-4. APPRENTICE-5. LATE-6. DECIDE-7. SHIP-8. SKELETON-9....


Full of Pioneering Spirit (from CL July 2014)

image 1. image 2. image 3. image 4.


Exercise for Emily Rae Manning

Emily Rae Manning (from CL July 2014) Read the following text about a printmaker and decide what words should be used in gaps 1-10. ONLY ONE word in each gap. 1-2-3-4-56-7-8-9-10-


Emily Rae Manning (from CL July 2014)

image 1. image 2.


Exercise for Symbol of Spring

Symbol of Spring (from CL April 2014)Read the article about hares and decide what verb forms should be used in gaps 1-10. 1. associate2. excite3. characterise4. top5. know6. (particularly) regard7. fight off8. bear9. (also) affect10. identify


Symbol of Spring (from CL April 2014)

image 1. image 2. image 3.


Exercise for Green Corners – Country in the City

Green Corners – Country in the City(from CL May 2013)Read the article. The words below have been removed from the text, plus two extra added. Decide which words fit in the gaps 1-10. A./ alongB./ decidedlyC./ suitD./ proofE./ guerillaF./ raisedG./ neglectedH./ lookI./...


Green Corners - Country in the City (from CL May 2013)

image 1.



Country in the City: The Salmon Smoker
For questions 1-10 read the text below. Use the verbs with relevant number to form a verbal structure that fits the place.

1. have - had
2. serve –to serve
3. take- to take
4. use-using
5. create-created
6. source- is sourced
7. catch- being caught
8. slice-being sliced
9. seek- are sought out
10. prepare-preparing

Is an Organic Feast Healthier?
For questions 1-20 read the text below. Use the root of the words given with relevant number to form a word that fits the space.

1. CONTROVERSY - controversial
2. ADD - additives
3. DIFFER - differences
4. CONVENTION - conventionally
5. INTENSIVE - intensively
6. NUTRITION - nutritionist
7. DENSE - densities
8. INCLUDE - including
9. DEVELOP - development
10. RESIST - resistant
11. ADVISE - advisor
12. USE - overuse
13. REASON - reasonably
14. ARGUE - arguments
15. ORGANIC - organically
16. SIGNIFY - significant
17. PROBABLE - probably
18. DIGEST - digestible
19. DO - overdo
20. REGARD - regardless

My Country Christmas
Read the text and complete gaps 1-9 with sentences A-I.

A./ ...she is very crude by modern satndards - 9
B./ ...while my mother was pregnant with me - 1
C./ ...but once through a spectacular seight of hand- 6
D./ ...with huge amounts of dash and glamour - 2
E./ ...despite never having been near a kitchen before - 5
F./ ...he continued to deliver the parish magazine - 3
G./ ...there would be a big carol service on Christmas Eve - 7
H./ ...but there was often a very good reason - 4
I./ ...when suitable presents were thin ont he ground - 8

Scroggling the Holly
Translate the following sentences/sentence chunks into Hungarian.

1. The steep, cobbled road that winds like a helter-skelter through the West Yorkshire village of Haworth is drawing a crowd.- A meredek, macskaköves út, amely össze-vissza kanyarog a nyugat yorkshire-i Haworth falun keresztül, csak úgy vonzza a tömeget.
2. shoppers down bags to secure a good spot.- ...amint a bevásárlást elvégzők lerakját szatyraikat, hogy jó helyet biztosítsanak maguknak.
3. ...his long blonde hair tucked under a cap and his cheeks smeared with boot polish. Four-year-old Thomas Nutter declares that the soot on his face is real.- ...hosszú szőke haja a sapka alá van begyűrve,orcáját pedig fekete cipőpasztával dörzsölték be. a négy éves Thomas Nutter állítja, hogy az arcán a korom valódi.
4. „My children have been bouncing off the walls with excitement for days,”- „A gyerekek már napok óta nem bírnak magukkal izgatottságukban.”
5. Chimney sweeps, holly maids and choristers will follow on foot as the cart climbs to the parish church, where the queen will be crowned before the crowds.- Amint a lovaskocsi felkapaszkódik a plébániatemplomhoz, kéményseprők, magyal lányok és kóristák követik gyalog, ahol a királynőt megkoronázzák a tömeg előtt.
6. By ten minutes to three the room is brimming with adrenaline.-Három óra előtt 10 perccel a terem tele van várakozással.
7. The velvet bonnets, chimney sweeps’ knickerbockers and holly maids’ gowns pay homage to the Victorian era that brought us Christmas cards, crackers and carols.- A bársony főkötők, a kéményseprők térdnadrágja és a magyal leányok köpönyege mind a Viktoriánus kor előtt tiszteleg, amely időszaknak köszönhető a karácsonyi képeslap, a cracker és a karácsonyi énekek.
8. When the horse and cart arrive after a short delay, the other children move aside to let the girls clamber on board.- Amint a lovaskocsi kis késéssel megérkezik, a gyerekek félrehúzódnak, hogy a lányok felszálljanak a kocsira.
9. A crescendo of cheers builds up as the holly queen is crowned, and when she ’unlocks’ the tall church gates there is a further thrill in store as father Christmas appears and throws sweets into the crowd.- Az éljenzés egyre erősödik, amint a ’magyal királynőt’ megkoronázzák, s a magas templomkaput kinyitja. Az izgalommal teli várakozás csak még inkább fokozódik, amint télapó megjelenik és édességet hajít a tömeg közé.
10. When the music is over, the crowd disbands and the children are walked back down the hill.- Amikor a zenének vége, a tömeg feloszlik és a gyerekeket lekísérik a dombról.

Take the Plunge
Read the following text and decide which word is missing from gaps numbered 1-10.

1. on 6. to 11. to
2. in 7. at 12. with
3. for 8. at 13. at
4. as 9. by 14. in
5. for 10. in 15. on


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