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First read the ten situations (a-j) and then read the ten texts (1-10). Decide which text goes best with which situation.

a./ You are fond of some boat ride with exciting swirls.

b./ You feel like joining a group of ornithologists to watch the skyline.

c./ You’d better not ramble without a guide.

d./You would like to participate in a birdwatching break in summer.

e./ You would like to expand your knowledge of topography.

f./ Potholing takes your fancy as recreational pastime.

g./ You are keen on examining rarities of vegetation.

h./ You fancy watching the celestial display of fabulous lights.

i./ You are into some exhilarating watersports in the river.

j./ Preserved remains of animals, plants and organisms are for your liking.


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