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Find some expressions, phrases in the text which are equivalent for the definitions provided.

  1. In a state of painful suspense (paragraph 1)
  2. Extreme or unchanging in attitude, opinion (paragraph 1)
  3. Worn till it’s old and shabby (paragraph 2)
  4. A coarse, rugged often nubby woollen fabric (paragraph 2)
  5. Take in through (paragraph 3)
  6. Protection of the fabric from getting smaller (paragraph 3)
  7. Resistant to blotches (paragraph3)
  8. Not equal as in size, length or quality (paragraph 4)
  9. A tract of land that supports grass or other vegetation eaten by domestic graing animals (paragraph 5)
  10. Lacking vigour or energy (paragraph5)
  11. Reach the lowest possible level (paragraph 7)
  12. Wet spongy ground (paragraph 7)
  13. Relating to a much earlier period (paragraph 8)
  14. Break into small fragments and pieces (paragraph 8)
  15. To cause to be unable to think with clarity (paragraph 9)
  16. An unpredictable change or development of circumstances (paragraph 9)
  17. To slope downward, descent (paragraph 10)
  18. A female sheep, especially when fully grown (paragraph 10)


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