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For questions 1-13 read the text below. Use the root of the words given with relevant number to form a word that fits the space.


Find some expressions, phrases in the text which are equivalent for the definitions provided.

Wind of Change

  • being inhabited, visited in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being (paragraph 1)- haunted
  • prepare for difficult times, imminent disaster or emergency (paragraph 1)- batten down the hatches
  • destruction and waste (paragraph 2 )- devastation
  • when it clears off (paragraph 3)- clouds dispersed
  • a hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficulties (paragraph 3)- silver lining
  • an elevated, comparatively level expanse of land (paragraph 4)- plateau
  • a consequence, especially of a disaster (paragraph 4)- aftermath
  • a lower tier of shrubs and small trees under the main canopy of forest trees (paragraph 4)- understorey
  • a tract of land within the wood or other overgrown area from which trees have been removed (paragraph 6)- clearing

’The initial response was to plant, plant, plant’

  • deal with a problem (paragraph 1) – getting to grips
  • flatten (paragraph 2) – knock flat
  • at the appropriate time (paragraph 3)- in due course
  • shedding or losing foliage at the end of the growing season (paragraph 4) – decidious wood
  • something wanted or needed that comes or happens unexpectedly (paragraph 4) – godsend

’The storm changed the microclimate’

  • crowded, closely together (paragraph 2) – dense
  • the atmospheric conditions affecting an individual or a small group (paragraph 2) – microclimate
  • boys or young men (paragraph 3)- lads
  • move swiftly, hurry (paragraph 3) – be in a rush

’People remember the storm for the devastation, but it had lots of benefits’

  • the science or work of maintaining, cultivating and developing forests (paragraph 1)- forestry company
  • a strong, abrupt rush of wind (paragraph 1) – gusts
  • a place where plants are grown for sale (paragraph 2) – nurseries
  • the regrowth of losses (paragraph 4)- regeneration
  • young plant, especially are those grow from seeds (paragraph 4) – seedlings
  • types or breeds which survive better than others during periods of low rainfall (paragraph 4)- drought resistant

What’s in Season? – Squashes

You are going to read about Squashes. Answer the questions connected to the text.

Name some of the vegetables which are members of the cucurbit family. – pumpkins, squashes, melons, cucumbers

Where do squashes and pumpkins come from? – from North America

When did they appear in Europe? – in the 16th century

How were they used throughout the last centuries? – They were used as drinking vessels, bowls and musical instruments

How do different nations use them in their cuisines? –

used in many sweet and savoury dishes: the Argentinians – beef cooked in hollowed-out pumpkins and thickened by its flesh,

the French for soup,

the Italians for ravioli,

in India mixed with tomatoes and spices

When are squashes harvested for winter? – in autumn when the temperature drops

What tells you about the fact that they aren’t fresh? – if the bottom flexes when pressed

How can we store them? – in a dry, cool place

Name a few ways of their preparation! – roast, purée, boil, mash

Choose one pumpkin recipe in which it is combined with some of the flavours named in the article.

Country in the City – Beekeeping

Read the following text and decide which word is missing from gaps numbered 1-10.

  1. been
  2. to
  3. from
  4. by
  5. is
  6. well
  7. with
  8. too
  9. into
  10. which
  11. has
  12. a
  13. while
  14. means
  15. on

My Countryside- Liz Earle – The skincare beauty specialist and author has embraced a rural way of life since buying a farm

You are going to read a magazine article about Liz Earle. Some parts of the article have been removed. Choose from the sentence chunks A-H and match them with the numbers 1-8.

A./ The vegetable patch is my domain – I take... - 7

B./ My earliest memory is of picking peas ... - 1

C./ Living and working in the countryside has ... - 6

D./ Patrick and I never intended to become... - 4

E./ Running a business in the country is so... - 8

F./ I was given a Vogue beauty book for my ... - 2

G./ We employ one full-time stockman, but ... - 5

H./ For many people, idyllic childhood days ... - 3


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