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The Dry-Stone Waller

For questions 1-10 read the text below. Use the root of the words given with relevant number to form a word that fits the space.

  1. DISTINCT-distinctive
  2. PRECISE-precision
  3. HAND-handful
  4. DECIDE-decidedly
  5. TENACIOUS-tenacity
  6. INITIAL-initially
  7. MATURE-maturity
  8. PHYSICS-physically
  9. DREAD-dreadfully
  10. GRADE-gradually

The Dry-Stone Waller

The following phrases are from the text. Put them in Hungarian.

  1. Miles of limestone walls criss-cross the fields, weathered barns pepper the landscape-hosszú mérföldekre mészkőfalak szelik át a mezőket,viharvert csűrök látványa tűnik fel itt-ott
  2. I longed for a job where I could make more of a lasting impact by creating something tangible-olyan munka után vágytam, ahol valamilyen maradandót, valami kézzelfoghatót alkothatok
  3. Nothing to write home about-semmi említésre méltó sincsen
  4. to get terrible pins and needles in my hands-szörnyen elzsibbadnak a kezeim
  5. As a born and bred country girl-mintha vidéki lánynak született volna

The Thatcher

Read the following text and decide what prepositions are missing from gaps 1-10.

1./of 2./at 3./as 4./to 5./at 6./with 7./from 8./by 9./to 10./of

The Thatcher

The following phrases are from the text. Put them in Hungarian.

  1. With more than 20 years' experience under her belt –több, mint 20 éves tapasztalattal a háta mögött
  2. These sounds trigger a feeling of timelessness and a connection with previous thatchers-a hangok kiváltják az időtlenség érzését és azt az érzést, hogy korábbi tetőfedők munkáihoz kapcsolódik az ember
  3. She welcomed being part of an artisan tradition, a small cog in the line of craftspeople who have tended one roof-örömmel töltötte el az a tuda, hogy egy kézműves hagyomány részét képezheti, egy kis fogaskerék azon kézművesek sorában akik egy tetőt formáltak
  4. She decided to branch out on her own-úgy döntött, hogy egyedül folytatja
  5. The work takes its toll physically-a munka fizikailag megviseli

The Saddler

For questions 1-10 read the text below. Use the verb given with relevant number to form a verbal structure that fits the space.

  1. (can) transform-could be transformed
  2. involve-involved
  3. prepare-be prepared
  4. do-is done
  5. go-goes
  6. impress-had been impressed
  7. produce-had produced
  8. buy-had bought
  9. stack-are stacked
  10. be-being

Cold Water Swimming Championships

You are going to read an article about Cold Water Swimming Championships. Answer the questions connected to the text.

  1. What is Tooting Bec Lido famed for? One of the country’s oldest open-air pools.
  2. Why is this championship held bi-annually? Because they are held in between the biannual World Winter Swimming Championships.
  3. How is cold water swimming supposed to improve your health? It buils up your immune system, improves circulation and can give your libido a shot in the arm.
  4. What special rules make this competition a real challenge? No costumes may cover the arms and the legs, not allowed to smear yourself in cooking oil or whale blubber.
  5. What are the hazards of the freezing cold water if one is not precautious enough? You hyperventilate or you have a coronary.
  6. What types of races/categories are included in the Championship?A relay, an endurance race; individually or in teams.
  7. How can you get back to the normal track after the competition? There are hot showers, a sauna and a hot tub.
  8. What are the prizes for the winners? Medals to the winners.


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