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We are delighted to welcome You and Your students back in November 2021.

Our competition is open from 1st November.

„The fallen leaves in the forest seemed to make even the ground glow and burn with light”
— Malcolm Lowry, October Ferry to Gabriola

Students' words

1.) I feel that the most important things I have learnt throughout the competition are ...

... that there is always something new to learn about and that taking part in a competition can be fun.

... are the cultural experiences and what rural Britain has to offer.

... to put effort in my work and pay attention to the details.

... being persistent and patient. I couldn't have reached this far in the finals if I had given up simply by seeing how difficult the tasks were. And, also I am more confident in myself now, due to the amazing feedbacks. :)

... that you can always learn something new, but only if you're open for these ideas.

... that sometimes, you just have stop, and appreciate the seemingly less important things in life.

... the different customs of certain villages.

... improving my knowledge, fighting till the end and never giving up.

... improving my language skills.

... never leave something a day before the deadline, it'll just make you feel more stressed.

... how to use literary language in English, how to understand harder sentences. I also learnt that I can write one sentence in a lot of different ways.

2.) The biggest challenge of the competition has been ...

... the translation part, because I can't always find the perfect words.

... the presentation, because it was a new challenge.

... the difficult wording in the translating tasks.

... creating words by adding prefixes or suffixes has been a real challenge in the first three rounds. The length of the texts was pretty long for me too. Forming new sentences in the second tasks made me think a lot.

... to accurately translate the pieces from the "What I treasure" series.

... the complicated vocabulary of professions.

... the time limit.

... the presentation.

... the sentence transformations and meeting the deadlines, but that’s on me because I like to leave things til the last minute.

... the sentence transformations.

3.) I am proud of myself as ...

... my English improved a lot.

... someone who made it through this year's rounds.

... I see my English skills improve.

... I had never thought I'd reach the finals and I discovered countless new words which I will be able to build in my English vocab.I am also proud of staying persistent.

... being a first-year student at high school and qualifying for the final round of an English competition.

... I feel that I have done the best I could, and my English has improved due to the competition.

... I did my best at every exercise during the competition.

... I tried myself in this competition.

... my translations were successful.

... someone who's participating in competitions besides doing schoolwork.

... I didn't give up.